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What is emoing?
  • celebrate emotional expression
  • embrace those who dare to feel
  • emote in the most passionate way
  • express artistically from the heart
  • indulge romantic love
  • making art out of love, pain and heartbreak
  • making love out of love
Why emoing?
  • feel it all, living intensely
  • letting go is beautiful
  • destroy ourselves to recreate ourselves
  • want to rip our hearts out
  • dare to risk it all

Hawthorne Heights - Zero (Full Album)

1. Skeletons Remain (Transmission 1) 2. Memories Of Misery 3. Darkside 4. Spark 5. Zero 6. Anywhere But Here 7. Hollow Hearts Unite 8. Coalition of Alternate Living Methods (Broadcast) 9. Golden Parachutes 10. Put Me Back Together 11. Strangers 12. Ghost Town 13. Lost in the Calm 14. Taken By The Dark 15. Over and Out (Transmission 2)